About Us

Hygiene Naturopathy

A highly reputed Naturopathy and yoga hospital focusing on natural therapies and nutrition for the physical, physiological, mental and sensory well being of the patients.

Hygiene Hospital provides you a drugless disease-specific treatment regimen through a combination of interrelated, independent holistic systems – Naturopathy, Yoga, Diet therapy, Acupuncture. Our doctors prescribe treatments to their patients after a thorough assessment of their medical conditions. The treatment protocol will include a planned diet, exercises, and lifestyle modification guidelines. The approach is holistic and aims at complete healing, and teaches how to prevent recurrence and maintain good health throughout life.

  • We deliver lectures on health education
  • Publish books and articles
  • Give concession to the deserved
  • Give free treatment to the destitute
  • Free consultation through mail and telephone
  • Daily one hour health awareness class at the hospital. Patient and relatives can participate and clarify their doubts on health, treatments, medication and all about the whole medical fields. They will become a physician of their own at the time of discharge.

Our Mission

Committed to provide medicine free, stress free healthy life.

Our Vision

Be the centre for healthy lifestyle.