Fasting pattern

  • First 3 days

Breakfast - Juices / Honey water / Tender coconut water only

Lunch: Rice / Wheat, coked and raw vegetables

Dinner: Fruit juices or fruits only

  • Forth day onwards

 Juice fasting - Lunch menu will be changed into fruit and fruit juices

  • Second week:

Water fasting (If possible) only honey water / tender coconut water and natural water instead of cooked food, fruits and fruit juices.

  • Third and Fourth Week: Coming back to first week's menu gradually.

During fasting, patient will be under the intensive care of the doctor and complete physical,physiological,mental and sensory rest

Mud therapy

Mud is a good curative. It is the method in which applying mud over specific areas directly or in cloth packs. If necessary the whole body can be packed with mud.

Bare foot walking in the earth and to eat food cooked in earthen vessels are also part of mud therapy.

These are all essential for restoration of health.

Hydro therapy

It is the external and internal application of water in a therapeutic ways to get relief from a variety of ailments. Internal cleaning is done by drinking pure water. And external by Spinal and Hip bath. Spinal bath is the method in which lying in a specially prepared tubs for half an hour. It helps for curing diseases pertaining to the spine. Hip bath is the method in which, applying water around the waist and public area with Sitz bath tub. It helps for proper functioning of the internal organs like kidney, sexual organs, uterus, small and large intestines. Pouring pure water to the painful area or by packing the area with pure water and by applying cold and hot water alternately will also benefits the body.

Rain water is a very effective medicine. It can be given for drinking and bathing. We do this as per need and accessibility. As plants begin to shoot up in rainwater, human body also does.

Dew is also pure water. By letting the patient breath the air containing the dew drops of the morning, letting to bath in it, it gets into his body and causes purgation of the inner parts as well.

Sun Bath

Sunlight is what sustains the living beings on the earth. Plants grown in places with good sunlight will be healthy. People of the equatorial region will be healthier. This principle is applicable to the patients as well. If persons with poor health are laid or made to sit in bearably hot light in the morning and evening, we can see their health improving. Sun light gives solace from pains. There is no other better remedy for skin diseases. Sunlight can also provide nutrients to the body. So we use a natural phenomenon for health care.


Exercises are given for half an hour in the morning or evening. This is the physical and mental refreshment. And further, this will help in the expulsion of waste through sweat. This is the schedule intended for inhaling more fresh air and thus cleaning the lungs. This is applied in varying modes considering the physical and mental strength of the patients.


It means the integration of body and mind. We get benefit by practicing various postures and meditation through Yoga. It helps to promote a healthy way from various life style disorders. It should be done in early morning with empty stomach and the place where we practice yoga should be ventilated.


This is for the tranquility of the mind. Patient becomes calm, happy and relaxed through meditation. Disturbed minds cause diseases. Meditation is the way of surrendering our self to the Creator of the universe with the mind fully concentrated in a tranquil atmosphere. Through this the patient can bring his mind under control.


To those feeling joint pains and stiffness of muscle, massage is given once a day. It is given usually for one week. This will helps to increase blood circulation and by that nutrition and elimination of waste from cells. It gives one good relaxation and also helps to reduce excess weight.

Nutritious Food

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious among all food stuffs. In the nature cure system fruits are given as the prime food and vegetables come next. The positions of cereals, fish and meat are behind that. Patients are given food as per these priorities. Even if it is nutritious, food cannot be taken stomach full. Full stomach leads to deterioration of health and spread of diseases. Small quantity of food is the miniature form of fasting. A little hunger is a healer. If we strictly observe this routine we can stay happily throughout our life.

Abstinence from Harmful Food

In the current age man is eating harmful foods ruining health and alluring diseases. He does not know which food are good and which are bad, when to take, how to take and how much to take. Alcohol, tobacco, chemical tooth paste, yeasted, fermented, processed and preserved foods, boiled rice, maida, red chilly, egg, packet milk, synthetic oil and ghee, tin food, bakery, cool drinks, tea, coffee, white sugar, cooked food after three hours, fried and roasted are harmful to health.

Herbal juice Treatment

Herbs are the gift of nature. Herbal juices are given by adding one or two spoon full of honey. Honey increases immunity and keeps one free from diseases.