The approximate periods of hospitalized treatment for the under mentioned diseases are as shown below

  • 14 Days

    Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, Gastro intestinal diseases, head ache, pain all over the body.

  • 21 Days

    Low back pain, wear and tear of muscles, ulcer, piles, anaemia, insomnia, jaundice, typhoid fever, Jaundice body weakness.

  • 28 Days

    Cardiac diseases, Obesity, Varicose vein,Rheumatic diseases, Gynaecological diseases, Infertility, Asthma, Allergy, Psoriasis, Renal diseases, Renal and gall stones, Tumors.

In respect of other diseases, a time limit cannot be precisely prescribed. Very many people who had been led to desperation through prolonged allopathic treatment have gone out fully recovered from this institution.


"Diabetes is an incurable disease. If one is affected by it he will die."This is the common notion about diabetes. We are to clear this wrong notion. In spite of some exceptions diabetes can be cured completely. Thousands of patients are witnesses of this remedy. For this, patients must be admitted for at least two weeks.

Those who are taking insulin should take treatment for three or four weeks. But for those who got this disease by birth (juvenile diabetes)do not get good results.1